She Never Dreamed This Would Happen! Shhakom is going to school for the first time this year. After longing to join other children in the classroom, but unable to afford the public school uniform, Shhakom is getting a uniform, too. We need thousands of uniforms each year for our orphan students in the Church Orphan Homes. Do you want to help children like Shhakom? . CONTACT YOUR ADVISOR to find out how to keep the joy in her little heart. Thanks for being there for Shhakom. Lost Children -  Lost Parents Roaming Children in a refugee camp or armed conflict zone are probably not orphans. Somehow they just got separated from their family. The problem is, without someone helping them, they might never get back to their mothers and fathers. Orphan Rescue Operations teams up with local churches to find unaccompanied children to help them reunite with their families. They need some help. If you or one of your Orphan Mission group can do data entry, you can give a mother back her child and give a child back her family. Voiceless From Trauma A victim of predator trafficking, Tazni was left voiceless by the trauma of her abuse. She was found roaming with unaccompanied refugee children in the streets of a village near the North West Territory of Pakistan. For months she was unable to speak a word. She seemed to stare off with no emotion.  Like many children who are abused or witness the horrors of war and family death, it was possible that she would never be able to break free from her shell. It is over now. One day during the daily worship time in the home she was moving her lips with no sound, but all of a sudden God restored her. Her voice returned and she bellowed out the praises she had learned from standing in the singing line with the other orphans. A Seattle, USA small group Bible study was used by God to answer Tazni’s prayers for a voice. Could you be the answer to someone’s prayers? She is an orphan in Orissa India. We have five more Church Orphan Homes in that area. If you are interested in international news, you know that many Christians have been persecuted in Orissa. Every home we are trying to build has been attacked at one time, but by the grace of God we are being allowed to build more homes for the more orphans as they are found. The cost to sustain a Church Orphan Homes in India is nearly the lowest we’ve seen in ten years. Monthly costs are as little as $550 USD. When you form a group of friends and family, you can support a home with 10 to 15 children just like Lalama. Meet Lalama. There is a new two story Church Orphan Home being built in Kitale, Africa that is a replica of one in Cambodia. The lower floor will be the church and community center and the top floor will be home quarters for 35 orphans and 7 care parents. Two partner teams have provided for the construction and the resources to rescue the children. Some orphans are already being taken in by the new church members, while others are in a nearby school building. Your group or team can join together to help raise these children.  You can provide for the entire home, or just a part of it. You set the goal and make the pledge; we will build you a no-cost, personalized web site to help you and your group reach your goal. You must be a registered Orphan Advocate with WBOCI to be eligible to run your own campaign in support of this project. Get in touch with an Orphan Mission Advisor for more details. Men’s Bible Study Group Loses a Football Game to Their Sons,  67-10 , Yet Still Wins! These dads are leaving something money can’t These dads are leaving something money can’t buy for their sons: a legacy in Christ. Get this: These men are taking their sons on a mission trip to visit the Church Orphan Home they support as a group. Can you imagine what it says about their faith and commitment to Jesus Christ? They are investing in their own sons, as well as transforming a group of kids on the other side of the world. Everyone may forget the one-time humiliation these dads had handed to them today, but their children’s children will hear the story one day about how their dads cared for the poor, gave a drink to the thirsty, and showed their young boys how to be men of God.  That is discipleship. Next time you have a barbecue and dads show up, here’s a proposition for them: Ask if they’d like to leave a legacy in Christ… or you could ask them if they’d like to lose a football game, but still end up as winners! In All of Your Life, Have You Ever Had To Worry About Missing A Meal?   This is a done deal. Advocates responded to the food shortage in Africa and and the kids in the homes are putting on the pounds again. Thank you so much for the emergency response. Groups, foundations and teams came together to get this food over to Africa. It is there now and they are moving it from the port to Nairobi. We’ll have some pictures soon. The famine in Africa is tragically wide- spread. Some children have not survived. Your gracious gifts will be delivered to as many as 106 churches that are housing orphans on their floors. We’ll know more of the story after it unfolds. Advocates will be getting an email with more details. We are thinking about recruiting an emergency food crisis response team. Contact your Advisor it you or your small group would like to join an Emergency Food Crisis Response team. We track thousands of children and we need to update our files from field reports. As usual, your OM Advisor can fill you in on the details. Small Group Missions Restoring Childhoods in Christ Between the small groups and the large groups, there are immeasurable Blessings. Watching the transformations and the accomplishments is like seeing all the worldly “7 Wonders of the World” at one time. It is supernatural and miraculous. We stopped taking government funding because it doesn’t come with prayer. Small groups serving the multitudes was modeled by Jesus and his 12 best friends. It is people taking care of people not money taking care of people. Experience the Blessing! Watch the fruit grow. Amen?? “We have 35 men, women, and children in our home group network. Our Church Orphan Home now has 43 kids and a dozen caregivers. That is 90 people 12,000 miles apart all praying our way through life together for His name sake. We are living what we believe.”   Winter Valley Home Church. Colorado, USA Small Group Eligibility Explained

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